The Moving Castle Candle Jar
The Moving Castle Candle Jar

The Moving Castle Candle Jar

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Emerging from a sky of swirling cumulonimbus clouds, the outline of a small floating castle slowly reveals itself. The scents of the surrounding valley ride on a fresh gust of lavender and oak. Lily of the valley and a hint of pine from forests below the mountains follow harmoniously soon after, as the magical castle moves away, abandoning its faint smoky notes to the passing winds...


Top notes. Lily of the Valley, Green notes

Middle notes. Lavender, Heather

Base notes. Oak, Fresh Pine


Our popular smaller jar candles, a great introduction to the world of Old Glow candles. Every one of these scented candles is lovingly handmade in the Old Glow workshop.


Weight wax: 160g 

Burning time: 35 to 40 hours

Size: 3.3 x 2.5 inches // 8.5 x 6.5 cm


Did you know? Inspired by the magical castle as seen in the wondrous world of the legendary Japanese animator and the British author whose work he adapted for the screen. The castle is said to be powered by an amusing fire demon when a bargain was struck between it and the resident wizard after whom the work is named. The original enchanting story referred to many classic fantasy elements from the page and from the silver screen.