Our Process

The Inspiration

The birth of a new candle starts as a flicker of an idea. We begin with the illustration; what image does this fragrance conjure up? What old story, place or moment in time? Slowly the concept is born and the physical creation of an exciting new handmade candle can begin.

watercolour painting scented candle designs silk road oud scented candle fragrance

Every Old Glow candle is made using traditional methods. Our vegetable wax is first melted down then left to boil until it reaches the precise temperature for the addition of our unique blend of fragrance oils.

old glow fine wax blend melting natural soy wax in a pan

Adding Fragrance

Each fragrance within our blends is carefully hand-selected to provide the greatest possible scent throw and fragrance longevity.

old glow candles traditional fragrance blending the forest spirit totoro candle


Pouring the Candle

The candle mixture is then slowly poured into our signature glass jar and left to cool over one night only, before being boxed the following morning to ensure its fragrances are kept fresh and retained for the recipient.

pouring handmade scented soy candles pouring our candles

labeling handmade scented soy candles old glow candles gold foil gift boxes

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