Our Fragrances

At Old Glow Candles we're passionate about blending high quality scents and putting a special emphasis on creating unique new fragrances. All of our fragrance oils are a blend of natural plant based oil called essentials oils and man-made compounds to yield greater scent throw.

candle scent bottles

When burning an Old Glow Candle you'll never experience just a single fragrance, but a melody of different notes and accents that have been blended together to evoke that special place or story.

candle wax melting in a pan

Let's have a quick look at four popular candles.


Here we have used warm sandalwood as a base, building on top with English blackberry and cut grass to soften the wood. We all recall when walking through natural woodland or a forest that there are so many other subtle fragrances at play. The herbal scent of thyme and fruity bergamot add the finishing touch. 

Blended together they serve to evoke the legendary forest of Sherwood as depicted in the English legends of the outlaw Robin Hood. We wanted therefore to ensure that this was a subtle and natural smelling fragrance, akin to walking through that famed forest in Nottingham.

Sherwood forest inspiration


For our candle inspired by one of the best loved Female writers of all time we have used English rose as a base, building upon it with another English favourite - Lavender. Thyme brings the floral notes down one level, and a hint of leather inspired fragrance brings the overall fragrance to a certain period in time when writers worked on a manuscript in their study for ours on end, often by candlelight. 

Jane Austen scented candle


One of our most popular new fragrances, Livingstone is inspired by the legendary David Livingstone – Scottish abolitionist, missionary and explorer who crossed Africa in the mid 19th century. The idea of adventure, wide African vistas and warm sunsets have heavily influenced the scents we have blended to create this fragrance. Warm amber and sandalwood are used as a base, built upon by a hint of lemon and floral notes of freesia. But the overwhelming and final blended fragrance is African mango, providing that wonderful fruity hint to truly bring this fragrance to life.

David Livingstone in Africa

Antique Bookshop

Many of our candles have a literature or writing theme. For Antique Bookshop oak and leather inspired scents have been used in conjunction with coffee to provide the initial notes. These are built upon by very subtle scents of clove, tobacco leaf and vanilla.

Our Antique Bookshop is an idyllic old place with a wooden shopfront and rows of narrow shelves, stacked with all of your favourite novels and writers. As you cross the threshold you immediately notice that it seems to have been completely unaffected by time. The friendly owner welcomes you in as he sips his coffee. You may select a book and read for as long as you like. Everyone is welcome in the Antique Bookshop.



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