The Art of the Glow

"It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness."

From the warmth of home to the joy of a great memory - the value of the simple flickering glow of a candle is priceless. That soft old glow is as old as time itself, and it is in honour of this that we produce all of our handmade chandlery - with scents inspired by culture and far-off places.

burning scented old glow candle row of beautiful old glow candles

At Old Glow we take our lead from the chandlers of old, men who were respected for their craft and the crucial service they provided in the days when the candle was of the utmost importance; a source of light and comfort for all.

traditional candle making methods in england handmade soy candles being poured
vintage traditional candle making pouring traditional taper candle sticks being poured
traditional candle wicking british hand wrapped taper candles

Today our candles continue those old local hand-poured traditions, providing wonderfully blended fragrances inspired by culture and places, all locked within a beautifully made candle and available to buy online now from anywhere in the world.

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