In honour of the chocolatiers!

June will soon be upon us - which means a new candle of month. At Old Glow Candles June is all about the deliciously delightful Chocolatier.

We thought it only right to explore the important history of that tantalizing edible gold. Who doesn't love chocolate? Milk, dark or white, we all have a favourite. Our Chocolatier candle conjures up kitchens in the early days of confectionary making, when curious chocolatiers experimented in Victorian kitchens using cocoa and cream; ultimately creating the milk chocolate loved today the world over.

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In honour of chocolate here are the most important moments in it's long history:

5. 12th century, the Mayans use cocoa beans in South America. The Maya people gathered once a year to give thanks to the god Ek Chuah who they saw as the Cacao god, by consuming cocoa as drink

4. Christopher Columbus encounters cocoa beans in South America in 1502, noting how the native people valued them, he decides to bring them back to Spain.

3. In 1815, Dutch chemist Coenraad van Houten introduces alkaline salts to chocolate to reduce its bitterness and created a press to remove about half the natural fat (cacao butter) from chocolate liquor. This makes chocolate both cheaper to produce and more consistent in quality. This became known as as Dutch Cocoa.

2. In 1847 Joseph Fry learns to make chocolate moldable by adding back melted cacao butter. 

1. Creation of milk chocolate in 1875. Milk had sometimes been used as an addition to chocolate beverages since the mid-17th century, but in 1875 Daniel Peter invents milk chocolate by mixing a powdered milk developed by Henri Nestlé with the liquor.

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